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DOT Compliance Group is Legit

(855) 585-5005 phone number is not a scam. It’s Legit

Recently, I saw some people complaining about receiving calls from (855) 585-5005. While we need to be careful about receiving calls from strange phone numbers, not all of them are scams. (855) 585-5005 is a legit phone number owned by a reputable company in the United States. The name of the company is DOT Compliance Group.

Just like every other person that received one or two calls from this number, I received a call too. At first, I was wary of picking the call because it looked strange to me and I was trying to avoid any scam in my business. But it is not a scam.

Before I discuss more about the number, permit me to talk a little about myself and how I got to know that this phone number is legit.

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Nicholas Adams, a veteran of the United States Army. I joined the US army at the age of 22 and served for over 34 years. After retiring from service, my friend and I decided to partner together to start a company.

After much research and consultation from business experts, we decided to go for a trucking company. Just like every other business, starting a business requires dedication, commitment, and perseverance. To be honest with you, I almost gave up on the business. Thanks to my friend/partner for always giving me reasons why I shouldn’t quit.

After much effort from both of us, we were able to do the necessary registration and got our trucks on the road. Now, doing the initial registrations is not the only thing. The transportation industry has dozens of rules and regulations you need to follow if you want to run a successful business.

At first, we thought we could handle all the registration ourselves without needing any assistance from any third-party company. Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy for us. Going through the registrations by ourselves was cumbersome, frustrating, and distracting us from running our business. I had to speak to a cousin of mine in Chicago who is also into the trucking business. He told me that if I want to enjoy my business, I should look for a third-party consortium that is legally approved by FMCSA.

Without further ado, I got in touch with a company called Mickie B Compliance Company. They promised to handle all my DOT registration for a little fee. I was so happy and thought my challenges of staying USDOT compliant are over. Unfortunately, Mickie B turned out to be way below what I expected. Their services were poor and it didn’t feel like I was getting any assistance from them. I had to cut ties with them immediately. Not too long, I heard Mickie B had folded up. I wasn’t surprised because I knew it was just a matter of time.

Without relenting, my partner and I looked for another DOT third-party consortium to help us in our business. Luckily for us, we found DOT Compliance Group, the owner of the phone number some people are calling scam. This company is legit and is far from being a scam company.

What is DOT Compliance Group?

DOT Compliance Group is a legal company that is approved by FMCSA to assist employers and owner-operators in the trucking industry. They help people all over the United States to stay compliant with FMCSA and USDOT rules and regulations. I must say, my partner and I were lucky to have found this company. We have been using them for 5 years now and no single complaint from us.

So, what services do DOT Compliance Group offer us? I will briefly talk about them without bugging you with long stories.

Biennial Update (MCS-150)

All entities under the jurisdiction of FMCSA need to update their information every two years. It doesn’t matter whether you made any changes or not, you have to update your information. Failure to do so will lead to the deactivation of your USDOT number and other penalties amounting to thousands of dollars.

DOT Compliance Group is the company I use to do this registration. They remind me of the deadline for the registration and urge me to act fast.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Every driver in a trucking company or driver operating under CDL with a vehicle weight of over 26,000 lbs. is expected to enroll in a third-party random drug and alcohol testing consortium. Every year, drivers are randomly selected from the pool to take part in drug and alcohol testing. 50% of drivers in the pool will be tested for drugs and 10% for alcohol every year.

I enrolled my drivers through DOT Compliance Group and they let us know whenever a driver is randomly selected for a test. The company tells us the closest center to take the test and handles all the processes for us. From time to time, we get calls from DOT Compliance Group reminding us of what needs to be done and creating awareness for us.

The drug and alcohol testing program can be very cumbersome but we bother less about that because a company is helping us out. Failure to participate in this testing program attracts fines and penalties, and can also lead to getting your vehicles off the road.

Apart from the biennial update and drug & alcohol testing program, DOT Compliance Group offers other services. They help with training supervisors in safety-sensitive positions and help with Unified Carrier Registration (UCR).

(855) 585-5005 is a phone number from a legit company

Whenever you receive a call from (855) 585-5005, rest assured that it not a scam. In fact, it is very far from being a scam. The call is from DOT Compliance Group. The company is dedicated to making sure trucking companies stay compliant with FMCSA rules and regulations. They create awareness and remind people of what is needed to be done. I have been using DOT Compliance Group for years now and I receive calls from them through (855) 585-5005. There is nothing to be scared of because their intention is genuine and pure.

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