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Received A Call From Number (855) 585-5005? Find Out Why They Called You

If you received a call from phone number (855) 585-5005, there is nothing to fear about as it is from a legal source. This number belongs to DOT Compliance Group and they are calling because they want you to always stay compliant with the policies of USDOT.

If you are in the trucking industry, you will understand the importance of working with a third-party compliance consortium such as the DOT Compliance Group. These third-party companies help employers and owner-operators in the transportation industry to stay compliant with the rule and regulations of FMCSA and USDOT.

The trucking industry is a hectic one already, combining other activities such as the DOT registration, drug and alcohol testing program, etc. makes it more stressful and frustrating for us. I am a successful owner of a trucking company and have been in operation for over 7 years today. I have over 5 drivers working for me and a total of about 16 employees.

The first time I received a call from (855) 585-5005, I actually thought it was one of those scams trying to swindle me of my hard-earned money. After a series of investigations, I found out it was DOT Compliance Group that owns the number. Is the number a scam? Far from it. They only wanted me to be aware of my compliance status and what to do to avoid being penalized.

Therefore, what could be the reason for receiving a call from (855) 585-5005? Below are some reasons you could receive a call from DOT Compliance Company.

Drug And Alcohol Testing Program

Of all the rules and regulations set out by FMCSA, the drug and alcohol testing program is one of the most crucial. This program is aimed to put drivers and employees holding safety-sensitive under control. Alcohol and drug abuse are two menaces that can cause severe damages to society if not controlled. To prevent accidents both on the road and at the workplace, it is expected that drivers undergo the drug and alcohol random testing program every year.

How does this program work? Every driver of a trucking company or owner-operator must enroll in a pool of drivers. Failure to do this will cause you a lot because there are fines and penalties involved. Every year, a certain number of drivers are selected for the drug and alcohol testing program. 50% of drivers are randomly selected for the drug test, while 10% are randomly selected for the alcohol test every year.

So, assuming there are 500 drivers in the pool, 250 of them will be selected for drug testing (50% of 500), while 50 of the drivers will be randomly selected for alcohol testing (10%). Of the 250 drivers for the drug test, about 21 of them will go for the test each month (divide 250 by 12 months). Likewise for the alcohol testing.

To make the process easier for drivers, FMCSA allows third-party consortia to help in enrolling drivers for this program. DOT Compliance Group is one of the legally approved companies that engage in this enrollment exercise.

Peradventure any of your drivers is/are selected to undergo the screening test, you will receive a call from (855) 585-5005 telling you about the development. These tests are a matter of urgency and you will need to take them immediately.

DOT Compliance Group Handles The Whole Process For You!

No matter where you are when you received the call to go for the test, there will always be a testing center close to you. DOT Compliance Group will tell you the test center that is closest to you and all you have to do is to go run your test. Once you do the test, DOT Compliance Group will handle the rest for you.

Medical Review Of The Test

After taking the test, a medical review officer (MRO) needs to review the result and send it to the relevant authorities. DOT Compliance Group is responsible for handling this tedious process for you while you go about your business. If the test comes out as positive or there is an amount of drug or alcohol in your system, the MRO may have to talk to your doctor to know if he/she prescribed some drugs to you. That may be the cause why it is showing some substances in your system.

Apart from the drug and alcohol testing program, there are other reasons why you might receive a call from (855) 585-5005.

Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)

This is a registration you need to do every year. Failure to do this can affect the smooth running of your business and even lead to the deactivation of your USDOT number. You may receive a call from DOT Compliance Company reminding you of the UCR registration and how they can help you handle everything.

Drug And Alcohol Supervisor Training

As an owner of a trucking company that has supervisors in safety-sensitive positions, it is required that the supervisors undergo training on how to identify drivers acting under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is a mandatory requirement set out by FMCSA for all trucking companies to adhere to. DOT Compliance Group also has professionals who train supervisors and also issue them the relevant certificate of compliance.

There Is No Need To Be Scared Of Receiving A Call From The Number

So, whenever you receive a call from (855) 585-5005, you should know that it is coming from DOT Compliance Group and there is nothing to be scared about. It is not a scam because the company is legally approved by FMCSA. The essence of the call is to remind you of what needs to be done to keep your vehicles on the road. DOT Compliance Group charges a small fee for its services but you can rest assured of staying compliant with FMCSA’s rules and regulations. I have been using the company for years now and the services it renders to me are exceptional. I hope you find this piece useful and has answered your fears and worries about the number (855) 585-5005.

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