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Complaint Free Experience with DOT Compliance Group

Hi! I am here to talk about my experience with the DOT Compliance Group and the services I have been enjoying from them with no complaints whatsoever.

To make this review an interesting one for everyone, I’d take some time to write briefly about myself and the business I’m into.

My name is Mrs. Agnes Bobby, I am married to a wonderful husband and together we have 2 beautiful kids. About 3 years ago, we moved to Tennessee from Texas and we were able to set up a trucking company. So far, we have about 10 employees, including 5 drivers.

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While there is money to be made in the transportation industry, I must tell you that there are strict rules to follow if you want to keep your vehicles on the road. The United States Department of Transportation has policies that every trucking company or other motor carriers must comply with. Failure to do so may lead to the end of your business.

My husband and I were introduced to the transportation business back in Texas. Unfortunately, the person that introduced us to the business is no longer in it because he failed several times to comply with the rules.

Honestly, it wasn’t easy for us in the first year of operations and we thought of quitting several times. USDOT has cumbersome rules that could be frustrating and annoying. It was from one compliance policy to another and we were getting tired of how everything was working against us. After spending days researching on how to stay compliant with DOT and FMCSA without going through the frustrating processes, my husband was able to discover that there are third-party consortia that offer their professional services to employers and owner-operators in the trucking industry. That was a moment of relief for us because we now know that there are companies that can handle any issues relating to DOT compliance policies. The next step for us was to find a reputable company to help our business stay compliant all the time.

He (my husband) dug further and was able to find one company, DOT Compliance Group and we have been using them to date.

Now, I want to be biased a little bit!!! While there are different DOT consortia in the United States, I’m not sure if there’s any that can outperform Dot Compliance Group.

Dot Compliance Group provides complaint-free services to clients across the United States. We have been using their services for over two years and there are no complaints whatsoever from us. The fact that they take it further by sending out reminder letters on what needs to be done makes it better for us.

To make this write-up complete, it is pertinent to state the services of Dot Compliance Group.

Dot Compliance Group Provides Complaint Free Services To Our Trucking Company

Below are the services I and my husband enjoy by using the services of Dot Compliance Group.

UCR Registration

Dot Compliance Group has been handling our UCR registration for years now and there have been no complaints at all. What is UCR Registration? It is an annual registration that needs to be done by all companies under DOT and FMCSA. Failure to adhere may cost you a lot.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

If you are familiar with the transportation industry then you should know about this program. Whether it is owner-operators or drivers of a trucking company, it is expected that they enroll in the Drug and Alcohol testing program. How does this program work? All the drivers enrolled in this program are placed in a pool where random selection is done every month throughout the year. From the pool, 50% of drivers will be selected for the drug test, while 10% will be selected for the alcohol test.

For a better understanding, let me give a simple example. Assuming there are 2000 drivers in the pool, 1000 drivers will participate in the drug test in a year (50% of 2000), and 200 drivers will participate in the alcohol test in a year (10% of 2000). To get the number of drivers for drug and alcohol tests in a month, divide 1000 by 12 and 200 by 12. If you do that correctly, there will be 83 drivers for the drug test and 7 drivers for the alcohol test every month.

While the processes sound easy on paper, going through them yourself can be daunting and frustrating. As for our company, all our drivers are enrolled with Dot Compliance Group and they help us handle the whole process – from taking the test, to sending it to an MRO (medical review officer).

For any trucking company that is bound by this policy, failure to adhere to it can cost you your business.

So far, there are no complaints about DOT Compliance Group and we hope to keep enjoying their services for years to come.

Training For Supervisors In Safety Training Positions

Because our company is still small and growing, we have just two supervisors. According to FMCSA, we need to train our supervisors in safety-related issues. Some of these issues include being able to identify if a driver is acting under the influence of hard substances or alcohol. Once there is any suspicion, the driver will be made to undergo a test.

Dot Compliance Group is responsible for training our supervisors and their services have been superb.

Biennial Update

This is a registration that is done every two years. Truth be told, we hardly remember about this registration, but because we are registered with Dot Compliance Group, they send us timely reminders and also execute the registration for us.

So far, Dot Compliance Group provides complaint-free services to us. When it comes to adhering to the policies of DOT and FMCSA, we are not bothered at all because DOT Compliance Group got us covered. Our major focus now is how to grow our business without ever thinking of the daunting responsibilities of staying compliant with DOT.

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