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DOT Compliance Group – Zero complaints in my 5 Years of working with the company

In my 5 years of association with DOT Compliance Group, I have come to realize that there is no hard and fast rule to choosing a TPA or drug testing program manager for your trucking company. Working with them looks seamless, and they always make sure everything is handled professionally without any complaints from clients. 

The first thing to look out for when choosing a service agent or a third-party consortium for your drug/alcohol testing needs is the level of professionalism being offered by the company. Does the company have the right testing program that will cover all your employees engaged in safety-sensitive positions? How responsive are they when you call on them in time of need? These are some of the few questions to ask before choosing a third-part consortium for your drug/alcohol testing program.

I have been using DOT Compliance Group for the past 5 years now and their services have been free of any form of complaints. They are responsible for creating random testing procedures for every safety-sensitive position holder in our company. You also get year-end reports and assistance concerning random screening and post-accident appraisal.

Below are some of the testing procedures offered by DOT Compliance Group:

· Pre-Employment Screening

This screening process helps to ensure that your new employees are clear of any substance abuse or related issues. DOT Compliance Group helps to handle this screening even before the onboarding process begins.

· Random Screening Procedures

Random screening procedures are the ones that you are going to make the most use of. The Department Of Transportation has laid down a few regulatory policies that every trucking company and similar enterprise must adhere to. Whenever you notice an employee exhibiting signs of impairment, it is your responsibility to get them enrolled in a random drug/alcohol screening procedure. This will help to prevent any potential critical accidents.

· Reasonable Suspicion Screening

If you suspect that any of your supervisors or employees have been using substances that are forbidden at the workplace, you may enroll them in a reasonable suspicion screening program. The screening will confirm if there is any misdemeanor from the suspected supervisor or employee. This will prevent accidents at your workplace and make it safer.

· Post Accident Appraisal

This is a screening that is conducted after an accident occurs. Several companies dread this moment. Even despite having all the precautions in place, if any of your employees meet with an accident, a proper post-accident procedure and testing/screening protocol need to be followed.

· Return To Duty Testing

A return to duty testing is conducted before any of your employees return to their critical job/duty. Even if any of your employees has failed a drug screening/test, the return to duty testing procedure can be followed.

· Follow Up Testing

If any of your employees have failed a screening/test, a second chance can be given to them as well. A follow-up screening will ensure that all of your employees are DOT compliant all the time.

Before I got associated with DOT Compliance Group, I had worked with AODT & JOKeller. While my experience with the previous company was not so bad, I just felt I could get something better if I did further research. 

I had to Google my queries that any client would ideally put in front of their third-party administrator. After reading hundreds of reviews and testimonials from other clients, I was able to conclude that DOT Compliant Group will be a good one to try.

I have been using DOT Compliant Group for the past 5 years now and there is no reason for any complaint from me. Their level of professionalism is top-notch, they care so much for their clients, send you an email reminder of what needs to be done, and a lot more from them.

My trucking company is doing exceptionally well now and all drug/alcohol testing programs are well handled for us by DOT Compliant Group.

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