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DOT Compliance Group Letter – I Almost Forgot About My UCR Registration

My wife and I have been running a trucking company for some years now and we have put in every effort needed to stay compliant with all the required policies governing our business. If you are in the trucking industry, there are a lot of things you need to keep track of. Failing to do so may lead to heavy penalties that may cost you thousands of dollars.

Just a few days ago, I was heading for school runs to bring back the kids home when I received a message from my wife. In the message, she requested that I call her whenever I am free to talk. Immediately, I pulled over to call her because I could perceive a sense of urgency in her message.

You see, my wife is a very relaxed human being that believes there is a time for things to be done. She’d hardly text, requesting me to call her except there is any case of urgency or anything pertaining to our business. Hence, I pulled over to call. Upon asking what was wrong, she said that we had received a letter from the DOT Compliance Group. They said that our company was out of compliance.

I smiled and told her not to fret, instead, she should put a call through to the DOT Compliance Group. She investigated further on the matter and found out from their contact person that we have not registered for UCR in 2021. I have so many things on our mind and it is quite difficult to comply with all the complex procedures put together by the Department of Transportation.

If we hadn’t received this letter from DOT Compliance Group, we could have been fined right away for non-compliance. I am very thankful to the DOT Compliance Group for this timely letter of caution. This saved us from unnecessary fines and penalties.

The letter stated that “The Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Program requires individuals and companies that operate commercial motor vehicles in interstate or international commerce to register their business with a participating state and pay an annual fee based on the size of their fleet.” While this is something we are familiar with, I almost forgot about it if not for the letter we received from DOT Compliance Group.

The letter did us a big favor. It made us aware of our pending compliance requirements with the DOT and the FMCSA guidelines. We, as a small trucking company, always need to be mindful of these directives issued by DOT and FMCSA if we want to keep our business functioning.

By using the services of Dot Compliance Group, we have been able to keep a check on our compliance requirements because we get emails from the company reminding us of what to do per time. I am highly grateful for what they are doing for players like us in this industry. I appreciate the way they have been spreading awareness about various compliances that are essential to keep our business moving forward. If you are in the trucking industry, I highly recommend that you work with a third-party consortium like DOT Compliance Group to keep your business safe and 100% compliant. They have helped me a ton and I hardly bother myself with DOT compliance issues.

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