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DOT Compliance Group LLC is legit, I’ve Been Using Their Services For Over 5 Years

Recently, I came across a post on Reddit where a guy was asking if DOT Compliance Group LLC is legit. After much contemplating, I decided to write a review on DOT Compliance Group. Is DOT Compliance Group legit? Well, as a client of the company, I am in the right position to write a review about them.

My name is Liam Anderson and I have been in the trucking business for over a decade now. I served in the US Army for over 15 years before retiring to set up my own business. After much contemplating and consultation from business gurus, I was able to settle with a trucking business.

Although it cost me a lot to set up the business and there were many challenges, I was able to scale through the trying times. Truth be told, the transportation industry is a thriving one and the potentials are endless. However, if you have a problem sticking to rules and regulations, it may be challenging for you in this kind of business.

The USDOT and FMCSA have put forth rules and regulations to help keep the industry safe for both the employees, employers, and the citizens of the United States. These rules help to prevent any degree of accident both at the workplace or along the road.

While these rules are good, staying up to date with the rules can be daunting and frustrating. I know a couple of my colleagues in the trucking business who have ceased to operate due to failure to stick to the rules.

During the first two years of running my business, I always thought of quitting. On one hand, having only a few staff at my disposal made the business difficult already. On the other hand, trying to follow the rules set forth by FMCSA was exhausting. Thanks to my wife, she encouraged me to keep going and told me to seek help from people who already know the business. After a series of research, I was able to find out there are third-party consortia that are legally approved by FMCSA to assist employers and owner-operators in the transport industry. Finding this information was a huge relief for me because I seriously needed help at that time.

After checking the list of third-party legally approved consortia, I was able to narrow down my search to just two – A Local Compliance Company and DOT Compliance Group LLC. Because DOT Compliance Group LLC was still new at that time, I decided to go with the local one.

After using the company for two years, I wasn’t pleased with their services so I discontinued working with them. The next best option for me at that time was DOT Compliance Group LLC. I put a call through to them and they took it from there right away.

This brings us to the crux of this review – is DOT Compliance Group legit?

My 7 years of experience working with DOT Compliance Group LLC

I have been using Dot Compliance Group for 7 years now. There’s something about me most of my friends can testify about – I don’t settle for mediocre when I know I can get the best. The fact that a guy like me can work with a company for 7 years passes a lot of messages. The professionalism of the staff of DOT Compliance Group is very much up to my standard and I have not seen any reason to cease working with them.

What services does DOT Compliance Group offer to my business? I’ll briefly talk about it.

The Drug and Alcohol Testing

If you are in the same or similar business to mine, these tests shouldn’t be new to you. The tests help to prevent any form of accident by randomly testing drivers. How does this work? You need to enroll your drivers with a third-party consortium. Once this is done, random selection will be done from the pool of drivers every year. From the pool, 50% of drivers will be randomly tested for drugs while 10% for alcohol. In my case, I have 7 drivers and all of them are enrolled with DOT Compliance Group LLC.

While the process may look simple on paper, there’s a whole lot to be done during the process, including getting an MRO (Medical Review Officer) to review the result of the test. Dot Compliance Group has been in charge of all these for my company and no complaints about them for now.

Note: Failure to adhere to this policy will cost you money in form of fines and penalty and you may even lose your operating license.

Training My Supervisors

According to the laid down rules by FMCSA, every supervisor in a safety-sensitive position should undergo safety training. The training is to help supervisors identify any suspicion of drug or alcohol abuse in drivers. Once there is a suspicion, the driver involved would be made to run a test. The duration of training is 60 minutes for the drug suspicion training and 60 minutes for the alcohol suspicion training.

DOT Compliance Group has a professional team that trains my 3 supervisors from time to time.

United Carrier Registration (UCR)

This is another registration that needs to be done every year. Again, I save myself the stress of going through the process myself by using the services of DOT Compliance Group LLC. They have been handling this for me for years and I have no reason to bother myself about this registration.

Biennial Update

Like I said earlier, there are a lot of things to be done in the trucking industry and failure to comply will cost you. Just as the name suggests, the biennial update is done every two years if you engage in interstate services.


I have been using DOT Compliance Group LLC for years and have never had any issues with them. Is DOT Compliance Group legit? Judging from my personal experience, their services have been 100% on point.

They send out reminder letters from time to time reminding me of what I need to do. Due to the high rate of cybercrime recently, I make sure I double-check that a letter is coming from DOT Compliance Group before I act. If you are not sure about the authenticity of a letter, you can easily put a call through to them and they will gladly respond to you.

This is my experience so far with DOT Compliance Group and I can say that they are legit and legally approved by FMCSA.

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