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DOT Compliance Group Reviews

Is Dot Compliance Group the right Quality Management solution for your business? Get opinions from real users about Dot Compliance Group services

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42 thoughts on “DOT Compliance Group Reviews”

  1. I had a lot of questions about how this stuff works & what it all meant and where my money was going. The man talked to me for over an hour breaking this down & explaining what different things meant with the DOT. I highly recommend them.

  2. T
    Texas Trucking

    DOT Compliance Group has been helping me out with my random testing and compliance needs from the start. They were the first company that I got in touch with and I have been working with them ever since. I highly recommend their services.

  3. What I really appreciate the most about DOT Compliance Group is their timely service. They are always there to solve my queries and keep me well informed and updated about my FMCSA requirements and compliance needs.

  4. K
    Kelly's Transport

    What I am highly impressed by is the availability of the relevant staff members at all times. There are various departments within the company that handle different aspects of your compliance and they are always available for any query that you might have in your mind. Highly recommend the services of DOT Compliance Group.

  5. Thank you so much guys for your help. If it were not for you, the entire compliance thing would have really been a difficult thing for me.

  6. A
    Ashley Cook

    I was not hopeful but quite confident that this company is going to exceed my expectations. DOT Compliance Group is a reliable brand and I am delighted to work with them.

  7. D
    Daisy Perry

    We were looking to carry out a random testing procedure in our company. The executives of DOT Compliance Group were first in line to help. They are always positive and enthusiastic and get the job done superfast. Highly recommend it.

  8. N
    Nick Williams

    DOT Compliance Group is there if you want the entire FMCSA thing to be simplified. I am very glad to have associated with them.

  9. Great service! It is always a pleasure to work with them. The best part about working with DCG is that they are extremely punctual. They help you and your business stay 100% compliant very easily.

  10. R
    Rick's Transports

    They are very helpful every time we have a question for them. Their knowledge base and consumer data are always updated and we are very pleased with their service.

  11. T
    Tiffany Rogers

    DOT Compliance Group makes compliance easy for businesses. I highly recommend their services if you need any guidance with regards to FMCSA rules and guidelines.

  12. I can’t thank DOT Compliance Group and their entire team enough for the work they have done. It is such a relief to be working with a professional that knows what they are doing.

  13. DOT Compliance Group is one of the leaders of the industry. Their services are on point and always affordable. Highly recommend them if you are looking to remain compliant as per the rules laid down by the FMCSA.

  14. I
    Irving Callahan

    They are filing my mcs 150 with no issues. I highly recommend dot compliance group for hassle-free service

  15. N
    Nathalie Cook

    If you want to stay in compliance with the federal laws, I recommend choosing dot compliance group.

  16. F
    Frank Raiser

    I am new to the transportation industry & these guys are helping me very well. They pick up my calls every time & clear my doubts. I highly recommend them.

  17. c
    coast trucking

    I highly recommend DOT Compliance Group as it reviews compliance status of transportation companies regularly & notify them via. email that saves them from getting fined.

  18. r
    riley miller

    They treated me very well at the sample collection lab. The lady was professional & took my sample in a jiffy. I recommend them for pain-free drug & alcohol testing.

  19. DOT Compliance Group is a legitimate company offering services as third-party to stay in compliance with the FMCSA & DOT. They are helping me with MCS-150 form filing every year.

  20. G
    Greg Palmer

    They saved me from getting fined by the authorities for non-compliance. DOT Compliance Group’s letter is a life saver.

  21. They helped me out in getting my drivers enrolled into drug and alcohol testing program that is required by the DOT & FMCSA.

  22. They contacted me via letter & notified just before I was about to be fined and saved me. I’d like to give DOT Compliance Group a star review for being a saver.

  23. B
    Bella Warner

    It is the best drug & alcohol consortium in the US. We get timely reports & certification of clearance. I can recommend them to anyone.

  24. I was not aware of the compliance requirements. They called my office and notified me about the compliance requirements that needed to be met.

  25. I like the way they handle our drug and alcohol testing procedure. I highly recommend them for DOT Compliance.

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