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Is 855-585-5005 DOT Compliance Group Official Number?

DOT Compliance Group, also known as DCG is a very highly recommended third-party administrator or consortium that can help you stay compliant and operational throughout the year. There are certain permits, licenses, regulations, and compliance requirements laid down by the department of transportation and the federal motor carrier safety administration which are mentioned under 49 CFR Part 40, 49 CFR Part 382, and other parts as well. To discover how to use DOT Compliance Group services and stay compliant year after year without having to spend any money or resources on these mundane tasks, you can talk to them on their official number, 855-585-5005 and get all your queries sorted out. If you intend to work in this sector, you must stay compliant. 

DOT Compliance Group – A Quick Overview Of Their Services

1. Biennial Update (Mcs-150)

They help you stay updated with your current status with the FMCSA. This helps you ensure your compliance and assists in updating your USDOT number just according to the filing schedule.

2. Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)

If you are involved in interstate commerce, this is a critical requirement that you will have to fulfill. DCG helps you ensure compliance and keeps you operational in interstate commerce.

3. Drug & Alcohol Supervisor Training

You have supervisors of your CMV drivers in your company. They should get the necessary amount of training on any and all symptoms of controlled substance use and abuse. DCG ensures that as well in addition to assisting you in identifying various indicators.

4. Drug & Alcohol Testing Program

DCG helps CMV drivers remain operational by creating and implementing a third-party random drug and alcohol testing program for your company.

5. Operating Authority

You are required to have an operating authority granted by the FMCSA if you want to continue working across state lines. DCG ensures that your status never gets shown as “Not Authorized” under any circumstances.

6. USDOT Number Application

If you own and operate commercial vehicles to transport passengers or haul cargo across states, they must be registered with the FMCSA. You must also have a USDOT Number for them which is a requirement that DCG helps you fulfill.

7. Hazmat Registration     

Hazmat registration is important for you if you are a carrier or transporter of certain goods that can be considered hazardous in certain quantities or are of certain types. These goods can be hazardous wastes, flammable products, or other goods defined by the U.S. Department of Transportation in their various rules and requirements.

8. Hazmat Permit

If you own and operate a vehicle that transports certain types and amounts of dangerous goods or hazardous materials, you are required to apply for a Federal Hazardous Materials Safety Permit (HMSP). This is issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 

9. Hazmat Training

DCG also facilitates hazardous material training for all your employees and drivers who are directly or indirectly involved in the transportation and handling of any hazardous materials. 

10. Clearinghouse Registration

DCG also ensures your seamless registration with the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse (DACH) if you are an owner and employer of vehicles covered by the FMCSA and if you have a drug and alcohol testing program in place.

Why Do You Need To Take DOT Compliance Seriously?

As the owner and operator of a carrier or a trucking company, if you want to continue with this line of business, you will have to stay DOT compliant. There are not many hoops to jump through but if you make sure that your documents are complete and that your status with the department of transportation and the federal motor carrier safety administration is undisputed, you are good to go. It makes sure that you do not cause any safety hazards to yourself, your drivers, employees, associates, or the general public.

What Does It Mean To Be DOT Compliant? Let’s Have A Look:

  • Maintaining your current testing program for drug and alcohol use and abuse among your drivers and all safety-sensitive position holders 
  • Keeping a thorough record of how long your drivers have been on the road and what the frequency of their breaks is 
  • Driver physicals are also an important aspect of this compliance 
  • Making sure that you are following all the hazmat regulations if they are applicable to your business 
  • Ensuring proper and complete maintenance of your vehicles and carrying out their regular inspections to minimize any probability of accidents and life-threatening mishaps
  • In the end, it also requires you to make sure that your vehicles and all the automobiles, trucks, and trailers that you use are properly insured

Find Out What Your Status Is

DOT Compliance Group services help you discover what your status is with the department of transportation and the federal motor carrier safety administration. You need to make sure that you are compliant with all the requirements laid down by the two bodies. This is the only way to stay functional. This is the only way to stay profitable.

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