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Is DOT Compliance Group Legit? 7 Ways To Tell

The Dot Compliance Group is a business entity that strives to make life easier for trucking companies by ensuring they are compliant with the USDOT regulations. The FMCSA, under the Department of Transportation (DOT), has mandated that every trucking company must comply with their regulations. What are these regulations? The DOT drug and alcohol policy demands that all active drivers must participate in a random screening drug and alcohol test carried out every year. This is where the Dot Compliance Group comes into play.

To make these drug and alcohol testing programs seamless for drivers, FMCSA has decided to work with third parties to assist in executing the job. The DOT Compliance Group happens to be one of the third parties. In case you don’t understand how these third parties work, I will use R&H Block as an example. Just as R&H Block helps people in handling tax issues, that’s the same way Dot Compliance Group helps trucking companies in making sure they comply with FMCSA drug & alcohol policy.

Now, back to the crux of the article! Is DOT Compliance Group legally approved to offer their services to the trucking industry? This is what we need to find out.

We have put together 7 steps that will help you find out if DOT Compliance Group is operating legally or not.

1. Start With A Google Search

When it comes to confirming the authenticity of a company, the first thing that crosses your mind is to perform a Google search. Type in the name of the company in the Google search bar and see what pops up. If the company has a high-sounding and impressive business description, it would be the first to get highlighted in front of you.

Go through clients’ testimonials or check for reviews from any ex-employees if there are any. This way, you will be able to tell whether the company is legitimate or not. Also, the frequency with which the information about the company is being updated will give you an idea about the legitimacy of the enterprise.

2. Check Out The Company’s Website

Checking out the company’s official website and the domain name is the next step to take. Do not forget to send out an inquiry email to their official email address. You should also check for any offline contact information of any company that you might have doubts about. If you are not able to get through their offline contact, it is a red flag that calls for caution.

3. Go Through The Legal Webpage Of The Company

Any legitimate company out there would have a unique and distinct legal webpage. It will have all the terms and conditions clearly stated out to prevent the business, its partners, associates, and clients from any losses and lawsuits. You should be able to point out any loopholes or maybe some suspicious clauses even if you have the slightest knowledge of legal issues. Do not forget to check their Disclaimer, About Us, and the Contact Us page as well.

4. Visit The Actual Physical Address

This is what I did. I visited the actual physical address of the DOT Compliance Group. I was able to locate the company’s office very easily. This does not just ensure that you are connected with the right company and genuine people but you also get an opportunity to connect with the management of the company. You can enquire about their credentials in person and learn more about the overall business culture of the company.

5. Scrutinize The Modes Of Payment

This is one of the most important factors that is going to help you determine whether the company should be considered for any kind of business dealings.

No one wants to get burned. For this reason, you must ensure that the company you are dealing with has a secured payment method. I have dealt with the Dot Compliance Group more than once and there was never a time I had payment-related issues.

6. Privacy Policy Matters

There will always be a page dedicated to the privacy policy of the company. The private policy page talks about how a website or organization uses, manages, and discloses clients’ or customers’ data. This page should be professionally written by legal experts.

Any company that copies privacy policy from a competitor’s website and pastes it onto their official website has to be questioned.

7. Find Out If The Business Has Officially Registered With The Relevant Authorities

This is the last but certainly not the least factor to consider when trying to ascertain the genuity of a business. After all, you wouldn’t want to deal with a company that is defaulting in any way.

There are local, state, or federal authorities assigned to oversee businesses in all sectors. A business needs to be registered with the relevant authorities to be considered legitimate.

After a series of research and following these 7 steps, I can confidently say that the DOT Compliance Group is operating legally in the United States. I have been using their services for over 5 years now and there hasn’t been any issue whatsoever.

For those who weren’t sure about the genuity of the DOT Compliance Group, I hope this revelation has helped to clear every form of doubt.

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