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What Is A Biennial Update? How & When Should You File It?

The biennial update is a mandatory update that you must file every two years. According to the federal motor carrier safety administration, all motor carriers are required to update their information with the federal body every other year. If you are a motor carrier operator and work under the authority of the FMCSA, you will have to ensure that all the company information and details of your business reach the federal body every 2 years. Even if you haven’t made anything changes or alterations to your business or its structure or its operation in the past, you are still required to submit this mandatory update every 2 years.

When Should You File A DOT Biennial Update? 

Remember that if you hold a US DOT number, you are required to file your biennial update every 2 years. Filing your biennial update seamlessly through various methods You can complete this update either online or through email, via mail, or by fax as well. The procedure is very simple and is explained below:


All you have to do is get a hold of your active US DOT number. You can update your registration online on the official website. Visit the FMCSA DOT government web page and you will be directed to do the needful on your own.


You can also complete this update by uploading your MCS 150 form. Make sure that you have signed it before you upload the same. You will receive a tracking number that will make it more convenient for you to track the progress of the procedure.


Filing your DOT compliance MCS 150 form through mail is also quite easy. Just print the form and complete it. Mail it to the address written on the form and you are sorted.


You can also fax the filled-out form to 202-366-3477 or 606-330-3802

Remember to get in touch with your DOT compliance facilitator or third-party administrator and ask them to perform the update online. When done through the internet, these updates are processed immediately. However, if you do them through any other method, it might take at least 3 or 4 weeks to process them.

Understanding The Penalties For Not Filing Your DOT Biennial Update

You need to download your DOT compliance MCS 150 form and do the necessary filing every 2 years. If you fail to do that, the FMCSA is going to subject you to a fine of up to $1,000 per day. There is a maximum penalty of $10,000 as well which is something you would not want to face. There are a few for-hire carriers that are involved in carrying passengers and freight, freight forwarders, and certain categories of brokers as well that get subject to these penalties authorized by 49 USC 14901(a).

The Right Approach

In the end, the right approach is to make sure that your biennial update is filed on time. If you want to stay compliant, get in touch with your third-party administrator right now.

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