DOT Compliance Reviews

What is LabWorks USA?

LabWorks USA is a consortium/third-party administrator that has been legally operating in the United States since 2009. As truck drivers or carriers, you have to stay compliant with the requirements of DOT and FMCSA if you want to keep your business alive. LabWorks USA is one of the third-party consortiums that are legally approved to help truck drivers and carriers stay compliant.

There are several processes employers or owner-operators in the transportation industry must follow to stay compliant. Without the help of professional services such as the one you get from LabWorks, going through the compliance process can be daunting and frustrating.

Because DOT and FMCSA are concerned about the safety of lives and properties, they set out strict compliance rules for every trucking company or carrier company. Failure to abide by these rules will lead to penalties and fines.

What roles does LabWorks USA play to truck drivers?

  • Drug and alcohol testing program: It is a mandatory program that every truck driver needs to participate in every year.
  • Training of drivers and supervisors holding sensitive positions: This training is to create awareness of all the risks associated with the transportation industry
  • Pre-employment testing: Before an employer in the trucking industry employs a driver, he needs to be certified as free from drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Emergency and post-accident testing: In case any employee is being suspected of drug or alcohol abuse, he needs to get tested to be sure he is fit to be in the work environment. Post-accident testing is also needed if a driver is involved in an accident.
  • FMCSA clearinghouse registration assistance
  • Medical review officer: To review the drug/alcohol test and determine if it is positive or negative

These are some of the services LabWorks USA offers and they have a presence in every state in the United States. The goal of LabWorks USA is to keep trucking companies in business by helping them stay compliant with DOT regulations.

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