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USA Drug Testing Consortium Inc. is an organization that is associated with the transportation industry. They have been operating for some time now and have served several companies in the transportation industry.

USA Drug Testing Consortium specializes in making it hassle-free for employers and owner-operators to stay compliant. The DOT and FMCSA have laid down some rules and regulations to guide the operations of employers and owner-operators. Failure to comply with these rules shall result in fines and penalties. In some cases, an employer may even lose his/her license to operate.

Some of the rules laid down by DOT include the following:

Dot Registration: Before a company can operate in the transportation industry in the US, it needs to be registered with the USDOT.

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing: All truck drivers and passenger vehicle drivers are expected to be part of the pool of the random testing carried out every year. Drivers are randomly selected every month to take part in drug and alcohol testing. All drivers need to be enrolled in this program to stay compliant with DOT regulations.

Awareness of the safety measures in the transportation industry: For employees and supervisors in any safety-sensitive department, it is expected that they get safety training from time to time. This training will help to minimize accidents and keep employees in good shape.

These are some of the services offered by the USA Drug Testing Consortium. Running a trucking company can be time-consuming and it is very likely for an employer or owner-operator to fail to abide by the rules. However, with a DOT compliance consortium such as USA Drug Consortium Inc., it will be easier to stay compliant with all the regulations. They go as far as sending reminder emails to clients informing them of their compliance status.

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