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(855) 585-5005 Phone number is not working? Call 855-368-7233

Most clients of DOT Compliance Group sometimes find it difficult to reach them through a phone call. This is because some are not aware that they have more than a phone number. I was in the same boat before I discovered the second phone number.

Some time ago, I needed to call them to make some inquiries about my DOT registration and I struggled to connect with them. I sent them an email explaining to them that their (855) 585-5005 isn’t working. I needed to speak with them. It was then I got their second number, 855-368-7233.

I own a trucking company that has been running for more than five years now. To be honest, at the initial stage of the business, I struggled to keep up with so many things. For you to be successful in the transportation industry, there are a bunch of rules and regulations to follow. USDOT and FMCSA are strict with these regulations because it’s a matter of life and death.

At one point, I almost quitted from the business because I was struggling to operate my business and FMCSA has a bunch of rules to adhere to. Thanks to my first son for making me believe that I can actually do the business regardless of the obstacles. Even though my son was married and was living in Memphis (my trucking company is in Houston), he managed to help me find out ways to help reduce the stress in my business.

One certain morning while I was preparing to rush to the office for an emergency case, I received a call from my son that he had found a company that would be of great help to my business. Because I had an emergency to attend to, I thanked him and told him I will call back later.

After taking care of the emergency, I reached out to my son and he told me about the DOT Compliance Group. At first, I was skeptical about the company and didn’t want to get myself involved in some illegal dealings. But after calling their phone number and finding out more about DOT Compliance Group, I discovered they are legally approved by FMCSA.


Whether you are an employer or owner-operator in the trucking industry, you will understand the stress and frustration that comes with all the rules. While these rules look so easy to execute on paper, going through them all by yourself can be cumbersome and tiring.

I was getting wearied already of all the rules of FMCSA before I discovered DOT Compliance Group. I called their phone number and they explained everything I needed to know about their company.

Below are some of the services I enjoy from DOT Compliance Group for just a little fee:

Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium

Every driver and owner-operator needs to take part in this testing program. It is a program that randomly selects drivers every month to take drug and alcohol testing. For you to enroll your drivers in this program, you need to go through a third-party consortium that is legally approved by FMCSA.

Failure to take part in this program will cost you a lot in form of fines and penalties. Also, you will lose your license to operate. In my case, all my 6 drivers are registered in this pool and they can be randomly selected at any time of the year. DOT Compliance Group got me covered because they help make the process seamless for me. The company lets us know whenever any of the drivers are selected for testing, tells us the closest testing center, takes care of reviewing the test, and sends the result to the relevant authority. They get a Medical Review Officer (MRO) who will review the result. I hardly worry about this process anymore.

Drug and Alcohol Supervisor Training

This is another rule you need to comply with within the trucking business. FMCSA requires that all supervisors holding safety-sensitive positions undergo safety training. Failure to do so attracts penalties and fines. DOT Compliance Group has a team of safety professionals that train my supervisors.

The training is to help supervisors identify any suspicion in the behavior of drivers. It helps to find out if a driver is acting under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)

To maintain compliance with the UCR program, you need to do the registration every year. If your company engages in inter-state travel, there is no way to avoid doing the UCR. Failure to do so may get your vehicles taken off the road. Since I discovered DOT Compliance Group, I have never had any reason to bother about this registration. The company handles everything for me while I face other aspects of my business.

Reaching out to DOT Compliance Group Through Their Phone Number

At some point, calling DOT Compliance Group became an issue because the number I used for calling wasn’t going through. I became so worried about it and had to send them an email complaining to them. Usually, I dial (855) 585-5005 to call them. But after some time, they gave me another phone number 855-368-7233. Right now, I can easily reach the company without any issue.

If you are a client of DOT Compliance Group or about to use their services, you can try any of the phone numbers to reach them. If the first one is not working, the second one should go through. Using the services of DOT Compliance Group has been amazing and I remain thankful to my son for introducing me to the company. Their services are professional and they are ready to go any length to see my business blossom. So far, it has been a wonderful experience with the company because there hasn’t been any issue of staying compliant with FMCSA rules and regulations.

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